About Colorbar

Colorbar, Inc. was started to be different then other used equipment dealers and brokers in the world, we were determined not to be just another broker in a line of many. Our business philosophy is total customer satisfaction, sound business strategies and financial stability. Our philosophy as a company is simple: Our customer’s put their trust in us, so we must delivery to their expectations and beyond.. Every decision we make is based upon the mutually agreed upon trust of supplier and customer.  I truly believe that if we help enough people achieve their goals in business, then we are destined to achieve our goals. I am really excited about the trust our customer’s have placed in us and the level of support we’ve provided to our clients.

Our Management Team

John Raithel, President – Colorbar Inc.

John has worked in the printing industry of over 30 years and has been selling equipment since 1986. Starting his equipment career with Heidelberg at the age of 25, he achieve the company’s highest honors for sales and customer satisfaction. His management of Remarketing Equipment for Heidelberg caught the eye of KBA North America we’re he hired on in 2004 at Vice President, Used Equipment. Servicing as Used Equipment vice president for 2 years, he was promoted to Senior Vice President for KBA North America and President of KBA Canada, Inc. where he served until the he started Colorbar, Inc. in 2010

Andy Washington, Vice President, Sales – Colorbar, Inc.

Andy has been in the printing press business his entire career and is a true professional. Working with his father and brothers, together they formed a company that provided a turn-key approach for their customer’s needs. New equipment, used equipment, service and parts. Andy’s background in service support and customer satisfaction has made him a very valuable member of the Colorbar, Inc. team. Known as the “international man” Andy has developed contacts around the world and can find what you’re looking for.

Linda Sordyl Raithel, General Manager – Colorbar, Inc.

Linda’s administration skills are exceptional and helps keep us on track of what’s important…the customer. As a self-employed businesswoman since the age of 19, Linda knows what’s it takes to run a business and communicates well with customers. Her experience with accounts payables and receivables keep our supplies and customers satisfied and efficient in the process of running a company.

Karen Gatowski, Receptionist – Colorbar Inc.