Heidelberg SM74-6P+L

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Six Color with Coater/Perfector Color Bar
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Item Details:
6 Color, Coater, Perfecter 2/4, ReFurbished, 92MM Impressions, CP Tronic,

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Our rebuild list as follows:
· Removed all rollers, hangers, oscillator rollers and all color journals.
· All units dry ice blasted
· Removed all guards operator side, washed down side frames inside and out with kerosene.
· Removed all guards drive side, washed down side frames inside and out with kerosene.
· All gears cleaned and inspected. No wear or damage-all units
· All troughs, guards and unit bases cleaned inside and out
· Feeder head checked, cleaned and lubricated
· Feeder drive chain and forwarding shaft cam followers, replaced and lubricated
· Infeed eyes inspected, cleaned and set to specification
· Infeed swing gripper cam follower replaced
· Swing gripper arm, grippers, pads cleaned, inspected and set to specification
· LVT boxes cleaned inside and out (all in A-1 shape)
· All pneumatic piston banks cleaned and checked for proper operation and air leaks
· All pneumatic lines inspected and replaced any in question
· All servo motors inspected and calibrated all units
· All oscillator shaft seals replaced
· All cylinders cleaned and inspected
· 6th unit plate cylinder, blanket cylinder had small bearing hit and was electro plate repaired
· Coating unit chrome roller had two small imperfections and was sent to recoating and regrinding
· All other cylinders in like new condition
· New pincer bar and cam followers and set to specification
· Synchronization system- new synchronization gear, cleaned hydraulic intensifier, inspected pressures, lines, oil level and all sensors
· Storage drum- cam followers replaced, grippers and pads cleaned, inspected and set to specification, swiveling suckers cleaned, inspected and adjusted. Suction air cut off time adjusted to spec.
· All gripper pads cleaned and inspected, all units (excellent condition)
· All cams cleaned and inspected (excellent condition)
· All gripper bars, cam followers replaced, gripper pre-tension and degree times set to specification
· Inspected and lubricated all gripper bar bearings
· All sheet guide pans removed, cleaned and reinstalled
· All inking unit fans cleaned, inspected and replaced where necessary
· All Royse units cleaned, inspected with new filters
· All pumps, motors cleaned and inspected all oil levels
· All ink fountains cleaned, inspected and all zones calibrated
· All auto plate clamps cleaned and inspected
· All auto washers cleaned, inspected, all drop tubes removed, cleaned and tested
· All Dueblin rotary unions rebuilt
· All new black perfect impression jackets installed
· All new transfer jackets installed
· All new rubber inking rollers installed all units
· All new dampening and coating pan rollers from Heidelberg OEM A-Korn
· Electrical, dryer and chiller cabinets cleaned
· All cat walks sand blasted and epoxy painted

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